Tips for Spring Maintenance in Kipling, SK

Tips for Spring Maintenance in Kipling, SK

As snowmelt gives way to warmer temps, your car must be prepared for changing seasons. Spring is the ideal time to give your vehicle the attention it needs after enduring another harsh winter. At Mcmillan Motor Products in Kipling, Saskatchewan, we provide this comprehensive guide with tips to ensure your vehicle runs safely through spring and into the summer months.


Checking Tires


Weather can often have an impactful influence on tire pressure in your vehicle. Cold winter temperatures may lead to decreased pressure, while warmer spring weather could see it increase. So, regular checks on this vital indicator are crucial in maintaining optimal performance and safety. Also, consider replacing winter tires with all-season or summer models for optimal performance and handling. Winter tires wear faster in warmer conditions, reducing fuel efficiency and negatively affecting vehicle handling.


Servicing Brakes


Winter road conditions can be tough on your vehicle's brake system. Corrosion may emanate from road salt and accumulations of grit, threatening its proper function and components. Therefore, having professionals inspect and service them annually ensures optimal functioning.


Checking Fluids


Winter can be hard on your car's fluids. To protect its performance in warmer temperatures, regularly checking and replenishing coolant, oil, and washer fluid levels is vital during springtime. Engine coolant levels must remain sufficient to avoid overheating in warmer weather. Oil lubricates and cools engine components, while washer fluid ensures clear visibility when it rains in springtime.


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Preparing your vehicle for spring is essential to maintaining its long-term viability and performance. From checking tires, servicing brakes, inspecting fluids, and thoroughly cleaning your car, these simple yet essential maintenance tasks can prevent costly future repairs while keeping it running smoothly. At Mcmillan Motor Products, we invite you to schedule a service appointment online to prepare your car for spring's arrival. Trust us to deliver superior services that keep it looking its best as the road ahead unfolds.

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