Spring Service

Mcmillan Motor Products Inc Service Centre

Spring Service Your Vehicle in Kipling

Spring is finally here, meaning road trip season is right around the corner. You must ensure your vehicle is ready for the road before going on any trip. Thankfully, you can contact us for a service appointment at McMillan Motor Products Inc., in Kipling, Saskatchewan. Checking your vehicle's tires, changing oil, and brake inspection services are essential for your car. Be sure to check out our new inventory before leaving.

Mount and Balance

One of the first spring service appointments you need to make is to check the tires. Our service center will mount and balance your tires if you need a new set. With tires that are off-balance, the tires will face excessive wear. Eventually, your suspension and steering systems will become worn with added stress. Finally, your vehicle may consume more fuel over time.

Tire Swap

Some regions in Canada require that you use winter tires. It is time to swap them out now that spring is here. All-season tires are better for peak performance during the warmer months.

Vehicle Maintenance

The spring is the perfect season to perform general vehicle maintenance. Check your all-season or performance tires for an appropriate level of tread. Look at the fuel and air filters, cleaning them as necessary. Open the hood to ensure there are no holes or cracks in the belts and hoses. Finally, inspect your wiper blades to be ready for any rainy day.

Oil Change

Try to change your oil based on how many kilometres you drive. This information will be in the owner's manual that you received with your purchase. The spring is the perfect time to check and change your oil. If you neglect to maintain this aspect of your vehicle, you could damage your engine.

Brake Service

If you do not service your brakes now, it may cost you more in the future. Have one of our mechanics inspect the rotors and pads. Let them check the braking fluid to ensure your vehicle stops as it should.

Schedule Your Service Appointment with Us!

Visit our online service centre to schedule a service appointment and learn more about the various services offered at McMillan Motor Products Inc. Schedule spring service for your vehicle to ensure it is ready for the warmer months ahead. Make vehicular maintenance a priority to prolong your car's life!