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Used Inventory in Kipling, SK

One of the benefits of purchasing a used vehicle is that you can save a lot of money. Many pre-owned vehicles with low mileage also come with some warranty left. You can easily find quality used inventory in Kipling, Saskatchewan, when you shop at McMillan Motor Products Inc.

Leasing a Car

When you lease a vehicle, you rent it for a contracted number of months. Your monthly payments pay for the vehicle's estimated depreciation and the money borrowed to underwrite the lease. You must keep the mileage under an agreed-upon mileage cap or later pay for that extra depreciation. If there's also no significant damage, you can simply leave the vehicle with the leasing company, hand in the keys, and walk away. Low monthly payments while driving a new or like-new vehicle is the number one reason people prefer to lease. Leasing is most beneficial for people who want a short-term commitment.

Financing a Vehicle

Bring your driver's license, proof of income, trade-in title, proof of creditworthiness, and 10% of the new vehicle's selling price.

The three main types of financing you should consider are:

  • Direct financing - You apply directly with the bank, credit union, or finance company. This works for people with good credit scores.
  • Dealership indirect financing - The dealership's finance department sells the contract to a third-party finance company. The required credit score depends on the lenders the dealership is signed up with.
  • In-house financing - Acting as a lender, many dealerships don't run credit checks. An excellent option for people with bad credit.

Visit the McMillan Motor Products Inc. finance centre for more information about payment plans and options.


Certification is only offered on near-new vehicles in good condition. Certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles undergo extensive inspections and have warranties. They cost much less than brand-new vehicles but more than used vehicles due to the many benefits. The certification assures the car is reliable. Used cars (uncertified) are the cheapest option. However, worry not about the car not lasting, as modern used cars are highly reliable, meaning they should last you years to come given that it is properly maintained and serviced.

Contact us at McMillan Motor Products Inc. We offer guaranteed value for your trade-in vehicle that you can use to save money on your next vehicle purchase.