Advantages and Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Advantages and Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Advantages and Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Many Canadian motorists are following the growing trend of growing green and choosing to get behind the wheel of ZEVs (zero-emission vehicles). The number of ZEV drivers has tripled in Canada since 2019. SUVs, hatchbacks, pickup trucks, and sedans have all been added to this market, most notably the Blazer EV. What makes this a better option for your next set of wheels? Read on to discover all the benefits of electric cars.

Fuel and Maintenance

A gas hatchback retails for nearly $30,000 compared to a ZEV electric equivalent of nearly $40,000. However, the difference in long-term fuel costs is significant. Every time you refuel your gas or diesel vehicle, you’ll pay up to ten times more. Up to $12,000 of federal and provincial purchase incentives can reduce vehicle maintenance costs. When looking at the total cost of ownership, the ZEV vehicle is lower as fuel and car maintenance costs are less expensive. It’s estimated that Canadians will save over $36 billion in energy costs by 2050.


It’s estimated that Canadian motorists travel less than 45km a day, and ZEV vehicles offer a driving range of between 300 and 600km on a full battery. Charging can be done at home or with a public charger. Charging on the go is becoming a more accessible option, with 19,000 public charging ports added to the network since 2019. This is triple the number offered in 2018. Workplace charging facilities are also becoming more available. 

ZEV Availability

By 2035, Canada wants to ensure 100% of new vehicle sales are ZEV. Short-term goals include 20% of all sales within two years and at least 60% of all sales by 2030. An increase in ZEV availability will help to ensure less wait time for potential customers. ZEV motorists will also have a better chance of finding more cost-effective options and the latest technological features. 

Environmentally Friendly

Becoming a ZEV driver will help to decrease air pollution. Almost 50% of the Canadian population resides close to busy traffic, and harmful air pollutants exacerbate health issues, such as asthma and lung disease. Although the production of batteries produces greenhouse gas emissions, ZEVs still emit less harmful emissions than gas vehicles.


The ZEV manufacturing process is multifaceted and provides multiple job opportunities for Canadians. Canada performs well in the automotive sector and boasts the most efficient autoworkers on a global scale, offering half a million jobs and boosting the country’s economy by $14 billion in 2022.

Come and visit us at McMillan Motor in Kipling, SK, to check out the Chevy Blazer EV. Take the Blazer for an unforgettable test drive! Our staff awaits your arrival to show you all the benefits of a ZEV purchase. 

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